Structured Settlements

Get a no obligation quote and find out how much your payments are worth. You can get cash for your future payments. Call and learn more about the process and see how much your annuities payments are worth in cash today!

Selling Structured Settlements – Settlement recipients can transfer the future payments from their annuity to a settlement buyout company that will purchase the rights to your future payments for cash today. You can receive cash now for payments years in the future.

Selling future annuity payments has become commonplace in the industry. Many annuity recipients, particularly in the challenging economy can tap into their future income stream by transferring their payments. A settlement company will purchase those payments and give you the option to sell all or just a portion of your future payments. They will work with you to create a plan that works to meet your short term and long term financial needs.

Unfortunately life can have unexpected events that require a more urgent need for cash than your annuity payments may provide. There are many reasons people may sell a portion of their future payments. Some examples include to pay medical bills or pay off high interest debt. The money is yours and if you have a need you can get help to access it.

You can receive a no obligation quote that is customized to your specific needs. Our advisors will guide you through the process and make it as quick and easy as possible. They are experts in helping you determine your options will provide as much information to help you make the right decision for you.

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