Settlement Funding

This service is for structured settlement recipients that are receiving payments from an annuity and are looking to sell their payments for cash. This is the focus of this website and we hope to provide educational information online and through our 800 number where you can talk directly with a specialist to assist you with any additional questions or to get a no obligation quote. The specialist will provide you with options on selling your annuity payment for settlement funding and to find out the cash value of your future payments.

The “secondary” settlement market is for those that already have a structured settlement and are considering selling their future payments for cash. If this is the type of settlement funding you seek we can help. Call our specialists or submit a form on this page and we will provide you with your options and talk you through your options and the process of selling your payments for cash.

Many settlement funding recipients are unaware that you can sell all or just a portion of your future payments for cash. So learn about your options and get multiple quotes so you can make the best decision to meet your current financial needs. If you are in immediate need for cash – be sure to ask about getting a cash advance. Often you can receive a cash advance within days to meet your immediate needs while you complete the process of selling some or all of your future payments.

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