Sell Structured Settlement

If you are receiving payments from an annuity and are considering selling your payments for cash, we can help educate you. The process for selling an annuity begins with finding out how much your payments are worth. You can determine how many of your payments you want to transfer for cash. Most settlement recipients sell only a portion of their payments though you have the option of selling some or all based on your needs.

When talking with one of our specialists ask for your options and get quotes based on selling all your payments or just selling some of the payments. You can determine which best meets your financial situation.
Once you have a quote and know the value of your future payments. You select the number of payments you want to sell then you move to the contract process. Your specialists will provide you with the paperwork required to transfer your payments and request any supporting documentation. You review, sign and return the agreement at your earliest convenience. Your specialist can walk you through the documents and answer any questions you have.

If it is helpful to your situation, you often are eligible to receive a cash advance to meet your immediate needs. Ask your specialist how to get a check to bridge you while the paper process is being completed.
The entire process takes ninety to one hundred twenty days is a good average. Your request does have to be reviewed and approved by a judge but we will assist you in making this an easy and smooth process. Once the judge approves your request you will receive your cash.

To sell your structured settlement, just get a Free Quote