Is selling a structured settlement a good investment decision? In

in nine cases out of ten, selling a structured settlement is not a good investment decision. Ideally, selling a structured settlement for cash should be the last alternative and should be resorted to only if the individual is confident of managing his own investment portfolio in a competent manner. This is because in any sale of a structured settlement, it is possible to lose up to half of the long-term value of the structured settlement.

A structured settlement offers guaranteed payment that is tax-free; this may not be the case with investments made by selling a structured settlement. Moreover, the regular payments offered by a structured settlement are a source of great comfort to retired individuals and those with an impaired earning ability. A structured settlement offers the advantage of a regular income without having to worry about managing it.

If one has sufficient business experience and is confident of himself, he can use the money obtained from the sale of a structured settlement as capital, and the money can also be used to make intelligent real estate purchases. In case, an individual has to sell his structured settlement, he should try and sell as few payments as would be required to get his work done. Exchanging the security of structured settlement payments for another investment plan has its risks and one should consider alternatives in collaboration with a financial advisor. An advantage of investing money obtained from selling a structured settlement is that one gains control of his own finances; with a structured settlement, the control is largely in the hands of lawyers and companies that pay the settlements.

Selling structured settlements can be particularly detrimental to individuals who are disabled, minors, workers compensated for loss, and compensation due to severe injury.

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