Who Should You Sell Your Structured Settlement to?

So you have decided that you would like to sell your structured settlement. You have realized the benefits of getting a lump sum payment instead of the monthly or quarterly payments that you’re receiving. But now you need to make another decision, and it’s an important one. You need to determine how to sell your structured settlement and to whom you should sell it. With all of the options out there, how do you know who the right company is for you?

First, you want to find a company that has a good deal of experience in buying structured settlements in your state. This is important to find experts with experience working in all states. You don’t want to work with someone who has never done this before in your state of residence. Second, you should find a company that is willing and able to discuss all of your options with you and to spend the time understanding your needs. If your questions don’t get fully answered, if you don’t get your phone calls returned, or if you don’t get the kind of communication that you need, then you should find another buyer. You should remember that you are the customer. You might also consider asking the company for references from previous clients. If they balk at the request, ask yourself why. It may be time to ask around for another professional who will make you feel comfortable about this important decision.